People and Events

Street Musician
Munich, Germany

Beginning Dance Class
Vacaville, CA

Beginning Dance Class 1

Student tries a spin.  Everything in motion except for the shoes!

Vacaville, CA

Beginning Dance Class 2

Student after completing the move successfully.

Vacaville, CA

The Rose Lady

We noticed this lady hanging around the rose garden in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, in June, 2003. We had seen her before, and I asked if I could take her picture. She would not give me her name, but allowed me to take her picture.  She could also be called the Bird Lady. She would put seeds in her hands, then hold her arms out to the side of her body. Normally shy songbirds would come up, land on her arm, and eat from her hand.

Discovering the Wall Street Bull

New York City, New York

Artist Hamid Memarian

Isfahan, Iran

Contemporary Artist
Hamid Memarian

I met Hamid at the Great Bazaar in Isfahan, Iran, January, 2005. Entranced by the vibrancy and color of his abstract creations, I bought several and ordered more.  It was my hope we could sell them in the United States and use Hamid as a source of work from Iran.  The window of time that would have allowed this abruptly closed with the next change of regime.  Hamid, who had a beautiful shop in a prime location at the Bazaar, suddenly became unreachable. I have tried on multiple occasions to see if any of my contacts in Iran could find out what happened to him.  They could not.  All subsequent attempts received no reply.  While he was well known at the time with his work being displayed in large hotels in various Islamic countries, I can no longer find any mention of him on the Internet.  It is a mystery. 

Music Shop Owner

Demonstrating a traditional instrument.
Isfahan, Iran  1/3/2005

Music Shop Partner

Showing a traditional instrument to a customer.
Isfahan, Iran 1/3/2005

Barber, Isfahan, Iran

The styles barbers are allowed to cut are strictly regulated by the government.  Haircut styles can be interpreted as a form of Imperialistic rebellion.

Mother and Child

Isfahan, Iran, 1/5/2005

What Does the Future

Mother and child, Isfahan, Iran

Grandpa and Granddaughter

Isfahan, Iran

Line at the Loo

Love Fest, San Francisco,  2007

Watching Mom Fix Dinner
Isfahan, Iran

After cutting up the chicken on a platter on the rug outside the very small kitchen,  Mom passed the chicken to male relatives, who took it outside to cook it on a brazier on the apartment patio. It was amazing that not a speck of the chicken landed on the rug!

Department Dean

University of Isfahan

Mullahs in Traditional

Great Mosque, Isfahan, Iran


University of Isfahan


University of Isfahan